Our Inspection Packages

We offer three exclusive Home Inspection Packages that allow you to select the range of services you prefer, so you can have peace of mind about buying the home you love. Your report is printed and delivered at the time of the inspection, so there’s no waiting for results. You’ll also have online access to your report anytime.

Pre-Purchase Inspections for Buyers

We encourage our clients to attend the inspection while our professional home inspectors visually examine the accessible systems and components of a home and operate those systems and components utilizing the ASHI Professional Standards of Practice. These systems include the following:

  • Property and Site
  • Porches, Patios and Decks
  • Structure and Foundation
  • Roof, Chimney and Attics
  • Gutters and Drainage
  • Crawl Spaces and Basements (We actually go into accessible crawl spaces)
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • HVAC: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Walls, Floors and Ceilings

Upon completion of the inspection, a computerized Inspection Report with digital photographs is printed on site and presented in the Pillar To Post Inspection Report Binder which includes a seasonal maintenance checklist, home filing system and a repair cost/guide estimates. In addition our inspectors will go over the entire report with you, walking you through your prospective home and explaining everything in the report.

Pre-Listing Inspections for Sellers

In preparation of listing a home for sale, the professional home inspector will perform the same inspection they would perform for a buyer (see above). Additionally, the pre-listing inspection will highlight improvements and/or strengths of your home. This information can save you money and time in future negotiations. Additional copies of the summary report will be made available to potential buyers, as requested.

Radon Testing

Testing is performed using EPA protocol for home sellers and buyers. A continuous radon monitor is placed in the home for a 48 hour minimum testing period. A Sampling Report is issued with the radon levels by hour and an EPA Overall Radon Average for the sampling period. Please visit this EPA website which answers important questions about radon gas, the risk of lung cancer, and the simple solution.

Mold Sampling

This is an initial step to determining if a home has a mold problem. The Inspector will perform a visual examination of all accessible areas of the residential home which is designed to identify current or past moisture problems which may lead to mold contamination. Air samples are then obtained from the interior and exterior of the home. The samples are then sent to an accredited laboratory and the results are available in approximately 3 business days.

Note: If the report analysis reveals elevated mold readings the next step is consultation with a Certified Industrial Hygienist for remediation.

Water Sampling

We collect water samples from your home according to the protocol specified by the testing lab. Results are returned between 2 – 5 days, depending on the tests performed.

Note: If water test result come back showing levels higher than EPA standards, we will refer a water treatment company to provide proper treatment to bring the levels down to allowable limits.

Added Services Offered

We can also assist you in obtaining some of these other services and can even have them scheduled to be done at the time of the inspection.

  • Termite Inspections
  • Septic Inspections
  • Well Evaluations
  • Sewer Cabling
  • Gas Inspections

Our goal is to give you the most complete, honest, and objective home inspection possible.